XR 400/600/650L

CR Fork Conversion Steering Stems

These stems allows the conversion of 00-08 CR/CRF forks on a XR400 or XR600 / XR650L. The steering stem accepts the CR triple clamps, while accommodating the XR bearings and correct length. Stem will retain the stock spanner and top clamp nuts. When using the CR top clamp, an additional bushing is necessary to fit this steering stem to the top clamp stem bore. The stem's top clamp dimension cannot be made to accept the CR top clamp bore, as the XR bearing is smaller.

XR 400 Conversion Stem                      $150                Complete Conversion Clamp Kit Available....Click Here

XR 600 / XR650L Conversion Stem       $150                Complete Conversion Clamp Kit Available....Click Here

Top Clamp Stem Bore Bushing              $30
Complete Conversion Kit for the XR650L is in production. Each kit will include the top triple clamp with
required instrument mounting while accepting the CRF fork. The bottom triple clamp will also accept the CR fork and 
retain the bikes original steering stops and mounting placements. 

To get more information on this kit or to reserve one, please give us a call.. 866-GET-EMIG.